Thursday, 19 June 2008

we didn't really want to win this one

Australians are very competitive when it comes to sport, and most other things. But here's one world championship we didn't want.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia now has an estimated 26% of its adult population classed as obese, the highest rate in the world, and 1% more than the USA.

Oh the shame of it!

More seriously, the overweight epidemic is expected to cost money in increased hospital admissions for treatment for strokes and heart attacks and surgery for overloaded knees, with consequent increases in the mortality rates.

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  1. I couldn't beleive it when I heard it on the news last night - the fattest country; we should feel ashamed. Maddy and I were discussing on the bus home why it may be so (especially compared to the learn Europeans) - we think it has something to do with our conception of a "healthy/normal" size being slightly overweight to begin with; and perhaps the trend in yoyo diet fads instead of the good old fashioned "eat healthily, in proportion, and get regular exercise" - the excessive consumption of bad foods and decline in eating home-cooked meals; the reliance on cars instead of walking, public transport and bicyles. Its really refreshing to be overseas and see how fitted cities are to accomodate for walkers and cyclists alike (Paris for instance) We've no excuse really...


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