Monday, 18 June 2007

horror movies right there on my tv

Further support for my recent post is tv violence bad for us - really? comes from an article in the Sydney Sun Herald last weekend.

Journalism students watched every program and advertisement on each of Sydneys five free-to-air channels from 6:00-10:30 pm every night for a week. In that 157.5 hours of viewing they saw 234 cases of gunfire, 104 deaths, 142 cases of physical abuse, 85 car crashes, 4 rapes and 350 other violent acts.

There may be a little double counting there, but that's still something like 6 violent incidences every hour - perhaps not as many as I would have guessed. The government-funded multicultural broadcaster, SBS, had the highest violence score, possibly because it has more extensive overseas news bulletins.

NSW Premier (more or less equivalent to a US State Governor), Morris Iemma, was quoted as being concerned about TV violence and is now exercising greater control over the viewing by his young family.

What do you reckon? Is it too much?

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  1. YES, it's too much... I wouldn't go so far as to say that ANY is too much, but the people who protest that these things don't affect us have got to be kidding... just as we acclimatise to noise, or get used to a new house, or stop noticing the new billboard after a week, we get used to violence... and seeing such acts as 'normal' is surely worrying, whether we're going out and perpetrating them oursleves or not :s


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